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My name is Freeman Pierce and I need you to know that I love you. Many may find that hard to believe because this world has been conditioned to believe the greatest liar of all times. The truth is, Satan is real, hell is a real place, and you are under the authority of this cruel taskmaster from the time of birth. Without Christ you are a slave to every evil that has ever existed. Your Creator knows this and has allowed me the precious gift of this understanding. That's why when I say, "I love you", I mean every word.
Our Creator placed in me His heart for you and equipped me to serve you. I have been Called to search you out wherever you are, no matter what you have done, no matter where life has taken you, and welcome you home. You were not created for this world nor to serve Satan, the one who hates you. That's the lie! You don't have to live the lie anymore.

Our Savior did not come for those who conformed to this lost and dying world but to those who were broken by it. I choose to follow my Lord in this. As a result, everyone that my Father has placed in my care here at the First Baptist Church of Danville are Welcomed and Loved.

If life has made you something you no longer want to be
If the church has failed you, rejected you
If you long for the truth of life... I Love You!
Come Home...
229 Utzman Rd.
Kilgore, TX 75662
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Bible Study: 9:45 am
Main Service: 11:00 am
Late Service: 6:00 pm
 Service: 6:30 pm
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Nothing is too big for God... NOTHING!
You are NOT alone!
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(903) 617-3633
We are in need of a new lawn mower for the church. There are currently two proposals before the Admin Committee to solve this issue. The first is to buy a new one on credit and use church volunteer to cut grass. The second is to hire a lawn service. We need the church to pray for our God to meet this critical need.
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