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I went to the VA Hospital in Iron Mountain today on business. While there I stopped at the Chapel and found pinky-purple curtains with mesh at the top, covering the altar. (You know the type. They use them between sick patients in the hospital). I stopped in my tracks, shocked at what I saw. I peeked behind the curtain, and found what used to be the welcoming part of the chapel, the Cross, a picture of Jesus, and other Christian icons familiar to the majority of Americans. I found Chaplain Bob Mueller, to ask what the meaning was of this change. This is what he told me. “A couple of months ago, an order came down from Washington DC to cover all things associated with Christianity in the VA. Their solution is to cover everything in all the VA Chapels across the country.” Chaplain Bob went on to say, “A few weeks ago an official from the Madison VA came down here to tell me to ‘stop talking about Jesus, and to stop reading Scripture out loud.’” Chaplain Bob also said that the rest of the Obama plan is to send more curtains to cover the rest of the stained glass windows, because there are Christian symbols on the stained glass. These photos reveal future plans by the White House. To use the same phrase President Obama so ‘eloquently’ used concerning other matters at the VA, ‘I’m mad as hell…” As Americans, we need to stand together to stop this insanity.
Chaplain Says Officials Ordered Him To Cover Christian Symbols In VA Chapel
Hailed by many to be one the best Disney films in decades, Frozen has been warming the hearts of viewers both young and old.
Ryan Duncan
Are We Missing the Point of Frozen?
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My daughter, now 21, hates when I worry. And I'm pretty sure God hates my worrying too, according to Philippians 4:6.
Cindi McMenamin
5 Things A Mom Doesn't Need to Worry About
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I believe there are seven words that, if applied to our marriages, have the power to make this year the best year we have ever experienced as a couple.
Brent Rinehart
7 Words That Will Change Our Marriages
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John Daniel Montana was licensed by the FBCD to spread the Gospel in the manner in which our God called him to. As the head of this regions Bikers for Christ Chapter he has elected to office here at the FBCD as soon as the new building is ready. What a GREAT joy and privilege to be a witness to this powerful work of the Holy Spirit. If you want more info on BFC email Bikers4Christ@fbc-danville.org
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Monday, March 30th, Rev. Harry Caldwell
Pastor, Kilgore Baptist Church
Tuesday, March 31st, Rev. Eric Love
Pastor, New Birth Fellowshi Church, Kilgore
Wednesday, Aril 1st, Rev. Bill Blanks
Pastor, First Chrisan Church, Kilgore
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Men's breakfast is the 2nd & 4th Saturday of the month. The 2nd Saturday in April is the 11th and the 4th Saturday will be the 25th. All men are most welcome & bring someone. Starts at 8:00 AM
815 E. Main Street, Kilgore, TX 75662